The Secrets Of Winning Men

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  • Publish Date: 1994-08-01
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Helen Andelin

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This is a book for single women who wish to marry. It paints a clear picture of The Ideal Woman, From a Man's Point of View, made up of two parts - the angelic and the human. The angelic side of the ideal woman consist of four qualities, which are: 1) Understanding Men 2) Inner Happiness 3) A Worthy Character and 4) A Domestic Goddess. The human side also consists of four qualities which are: 1) Femininity 2) Radiant Happiness 3) Radiant Health and 4) Childlikeness. In focusing on the Angelic side, the idea is that a man never really loves a woman unless she is a good person. Prime among her angelic qualities is her ability to understand men, their needs and sensitive masculine nature. She must be a person of integrity and moral courage but also gentle, kind and truly charitable. She must show promise of being domestic, capable of running a household and being a devoted mother. All of these noble qualities will result in her being a happy persons.

But, being good is not enough. She must also be human. Prime among the human qualities is femininity, which the world of women know little about. The book explains the four ways to be feminine - in appearance, manner, nature and role. All are important but little understood or lived in todays world, especially in America. Femininity is one of the real keys to attracting men. It is achieved by accentuating the differences between men and women, not the similarities. Equality between the sexes has been the downfall of romance between men and women.

In addition to being feminine, the ideal woman must be radiant, in good health, and be childlike. Childlikness is one of the most attractive qualities men find in women.

Unfortunately women lose these human qualities early in life. They become too grown up, too sober and practical. Instead of thinking of being a wonderful wife and mother and preparing for their career in the home, they are caught up in being a shining light in the working world. Instead of thinking of their responsibilities they are thinking of their rights.

There is little written on the subject of winning men. Many young women are left without knowledge or role models to guide them, and as a result never win the men they are interested in, or make mistakes that drive men away. They move ahead on instincts, which are not usually reliable. This book provides the much-needed knowledge. To do so it relies on the timeless truths of the ages. It provides an insight into the nature and needs of men, how they differ from women, what men find attractive in women and what awakens their love, tenderness and devotion. This tender, devoted love of a man for a woman has always been the theme of great operas, novels and songs. Love, the most moving force in life, rightfully deserves a young woman's study and consideration.

This practical book is a most timely aid to every young woman who desires to be attractive to men and eventually to marry. Unless she is equipped with proper knowledge to guide her, she must depend upon luck or instincts to assist her in this important period in her life. Now is the time for this information to be offered on the art of attracting men.

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